About FMG Stadium Waikato

FMG Stadium Waikato, the spiritual home of rugby in Hamilton, is owned and managed by H3, a unit within Hamilton City Council.

Completed in 2002, FMG Stadium Waikato continues to build on the proud history of the grounds it stands on.

The Brian Perry Stand has five levels which are home to function spaces including corporate lounges, function lounges, the boardroom, management offices, player changing facilities, retail concessions, media facilities and seating for around 10,000 for sporting events.

FMG Stadium Waikato has the crowd capacity for around 25,000. This is made up of around 10,000 in the Brian Perry Stand, 9000 in the Wel Networks Stand, 5000 on the Greenzone and 840 at the Goal Line Terrace.  The Stadium also has the ability to increase the capacity by 5000 with the addition of  temporary seating on the Goal Line at Tristram St.

The Greenzone embankment, which is a standing area, has established itself as a fantastic ‘party’ location, up close and personal with the action at FMG Stadium Waikato.

FMG Stadium Waikato has MOTZ Stabilized Turf - TSII™ which is the latest in natural turf surfacing. The synthetically stabilized natural turf uses revolutionary design combining sand-filled, fibrillated synthetic tufts and a dual-component backing. For more detail about MOTZ Stabilized Turf click here.

FMG Stadium Waikato iconic lighting towers are 50m tall, each head contains a total of 250 bulbs which pours 1500 lux onto the turf, providing a brilliantly lit stage for evening games.

Maori culture and practices play an important role at FMG Stadium Waikato.  In 2003 the carved Whatanoa Gateway at the entrance to the stadium was unveiled.  The carvings on the gateway commemorate the ancient traditions and landmarks of the Waikato Tainui.

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