General information for hirers

Venue hire terms & conditions

For information regarding venue hire for FMG Stadium Waikato please review the Venue Hire T & C's document.

Private function parking

Parking is available for private functions at FMG Stadium Waikato.  For all parking enquiries speak to your Function Manager.

Health & safety

FMG Stadium Waikato management endeavours to ensure that the facilities and services provided are safe for its visitors and staff. The venue management carry out health and safety inspections before international events held at the venue. 

H3 manage the event and venue specifics of rugby events and are responsible for health and safety at these events.  There are also designated event staff at FMG Stadium Waikato who are trained as building wardens for evacuation purposes during events.

Smokefree policy

In accordance with the Smokefree Environments Act 2003, smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the complex.

Environmental policy

FMG Stadium Waikato strives to be a leader in our industry. We recognize the impact that the events industry can have on the environment and in that respect we will endeavour to minimise the environmental impacts of all events and functions held at the venue. To learn more about our environmental policy click here.

Film policy

FMG Stadium Waikato has film friendly status and is available for commercial filming and photography activities.  If you are interested in pursuing any filming opportunities, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.