WEL Networks Stand Seismic Assessment Project

wel networks stand
wel networks stand

WEL Networks Stand Seismic Assessment Project

June 2019

FMG Stadium Waikato is managed by H3, part of Hamilton City Council. The Council has work underway to carry out seismic assessments of all its buildings – including those managed by H3.

The Council works to both legislation and government guidelines and its own policy in carrying out this work, which is common across New Zealand. The seismic assessments result in what is known as a building’s New Build Standard (NBS) score – presented as a percentage.

A Detailed Seismic Assessment (DSA) is currently being done on FMG Stadium Waikato’s WEL Networks Stand.

Initial investigations suggest the DSA for the WEL Networks Stand may reveal an NBS score of less than 34% (where a building is considered earthquake-prone). FMG Stadium Waikato is already taking expert advice on how to improve the building if that emerges.

In the meantime:

  • The stand will still be used for matches, and tickets for the WEL Networks Stand remain valid.
  • Health and safety of our patrons is always a priority for us.
  • The use of this building is very limited – about 50 hours a year.
  • The concrete concourses to the side of the WEL Networks Stand are considered structurally sound. The main area of interest is the original grandstand structure – the covered area.

Please be assured we are taking this one step at a time, and have informed all our stakeholders.

If you’ve purchased a WEL Networks Stand ticket for an event, you can opt to change this ticket for a seat elsewhere in the stadium, or seek a refund – so please contact the ticket vendor for the event.