Our commitment to sustainability

Turf at FMG Stadium Waikato v2
Turf at FMG Stadium Waikato v2

Our commitment to sustainability

Here at FMG Stadium Waikato we pride ourselves on protecting and caring for the environment around us.

We recognise the impact that the events industry can have on the environment and endeavour to minimise the environmental impacts of all events and functions held at the venue.

Our commitment to meaningful and long-lasting sustainability practices are guided by our branches of sustainability outlined below:

Our environment – Significantly reduce our environmental impact through a range of meaningful sustainable initiatives

Our community – Act as guardians of our city, helping to share and grow a healthy future through local partnerships, investments and initiatives to benefit future generations

Our people – Ensure our team, partners, contractors, clients and customers all connect to and support sustainable beliefs and behaviours

Our purchases – Always adhere to the highest sourcing standards to guarantee responsible, local and ethical purchases

Our green spaces – Maximise and manage our green spaces as living examples of our commitment to the environment


What sustainable initiatives are in place at FMG Stadium Waikato?

  • Water flow restrictors on all taps and showers
  • Water sensitive taps in bathrooms
  • Building management systems to manage power and energy consumption
  • Halogen lighting being replaced with Led lighting
  • Glass, plastic, tin, paper, cardboard and bottle top recycling
  • Event food and retail packaging waste, bathroom and kitchen paper towels and grass clippings sent to commercial composting facility
  • Kitchen food waste sent to MPI accredited piggery
  • Consumable leftover food donated to Kaivolution
  • E-waste and battery recycling
  • Reusable cups in lounges and reusable Globlets at HSBC NZ Sevens (30,000)
  • Free CBD bus for public ticketed events
  • All cleaning chemicals are environmentally friendly
  • Reusable land yard return boxes
  • Electronic document signing
  • Recycled turf reinforcing fibres mixed into concrete for artificial turf ring road
  • Moisture meters used as a tool to make decisions around using water for turf irrigation
  • Turf and fields irrigated at night to ensure less water evaporation from the sun
  • Warm season grass planted at Beetham Park, which will require less watering in the summer period than a cool season grass


What we expect from our staff and contractors

FMG Stadium Waikato's staff and contractors have a vital role to play in achieving our environmental objectives.  We expect our staff and contractors to adopt sustainable practices in their day to day decision making and overall work roles.  Our staff will also assist in the process of educating and promoting environmental sustainability to all external stakeholders.


How can you help?

Recycling of waste

Waste separation bins are placed around the venue.  Please help by using the yellow recycle bins for your plastic and cans and the green composting bins for food and compostable food packaging.

Refilling of water bottles

For ticketed events, empty drinking containers no larger than 1.5 litres can be brought into the venue and filled at one of the water taps/fountains in our venue.

Getting to the venue

FMG Stadium Waikato is in a great location central to Hamilton’s CBD with easy accessibility for walking, bicycle routes and ample bicycle parking. We encourage you to consider your mode of transport to our venue.

Bicycle racks are available outside venue gates. Patrons need to supply their own locks.

Dedicated e-scooter parking areas are sign posted around the venue perimeter for major events.

Free shuttle buses to and from the CBD are available for rugby and major sporting events. Buses leave approx. every 10 minutes from an hour before kick-off and travel via Victoria, Ulster and Abbotsford streets to the stadium.  Passengers will be picked up at any official bus stop along the way.  Buses depart directly after the final whistle from Tristram St near the Mill St intersection.  For more information call 0800 4 BUSLINE (237 5463) or visit www.busit.co.nz